Jungian therapy, actually called Jungian Analysis, is a form of therapy designed by Carl Jung that emphasizes depth engagement with consciousness and the unconscious through imaginal and symbolic processes such as talking, dream analysis, active imagination, and creative expression.

For over 100 years, creative individuals have been engaging in Jungian therapy to assist with their development, healing, and the transformation of consciousness.

The central principles of Jungian Therapy is the process of individuation. That is a process of differentiating yourself from the collective culture, to shed your false self (your persona), and find your true (authentic) self so that you may relate to yourself, to others, and to the world in more authentic, creative, and less persona-driven ways.

Jungian analysis is implicitly spiritual. It is a good option for creative individuals who seek to overcome psychological and developmental difficulties and seek to develop their own unique and personal relationship with that which is greater than them. It is akin to a mystical approach to psychological change, personal development, creative expression, and spirituality. It is therefore distinct from following a doctrine of belief, a religion, or a fixed method. For some, a doctrine of belief, a religion, or a method is enough, for many creative people, it is not.

There are approximately 3,000 certified Jungian Analysts in the entire world, and I am one of them. I went through Jungian Therapy myself, so I have experienced being in the process and as a Jungian Analyst I have experience guiding creative individuals through the process.


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