The relationship between stress and the brain is direct. When your mind is stressed, your brain and body are also stressed. Overcoming stress is not just a mental process, it is also an embodied one. When you can overcome stress, not only does your mind change but your brain and body also change.  Below is the description which is followed by a link to slides from my First Tuesday Lunchtime Lecture on Stress and the Brain.

Stress is a conscious or unconscious response to some experience real or imagined that is emotionally dysregulating. A first step to transforming stress is understanding what the brain does when we experience stress.

Since stress is archetypal, we will begin by briefly acknowledging the Greek and Roman Goddesses that symbolize it. We then shift to the felt experience of stress and the function of the brain in regulating that experience. Our focus will be stress as we experience it alone and as we experience it in our relationships with others. Perhaps we leave a bit more human, better able to relate to our stress and better able to relate to the stress experienced by significant others.

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